When you arrive at Lane's End Homestead, founded in 1999 and nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Brasstown, North Carolina, you'll immediately sense what we mean by "more than an herb farm."  Geographically a two-hour drive from Asheville, NC, Chattanooga, TN, and Atlanta, GA, you do much more than purchase our plants, fresh herbs, tinctures, dried herbs, teas, salves, produce, honey and eggs.  You do much more than experience our farm stays and study herbalism.  When you connect with Lane's End as a customer or student, you become a part of the web being woven by Earth, herself, strengthening an organic, sustainable, animal-loving way of life.

When you open your bag of Lane's End tea, you measure out Cathy's love for the Holy Basil plants among which she kneels to weed and gently harvest the leaves you are steeping.  When you saute a Lane's End Shiitake, your spirit sees the same rainbow Vicki saw in the mist created over the creek as she soaked the logs that gave birth to your dinner.  When you lie down to sleep on a warm summer's night in your room here in the farmhouse -- after a full day of work and study -- you might hear them: the voices of the Cherokee grandmothers rising from labyrinth, native ancestors who, like us, tended these virgin mountain woods and lovingly birthed medicinal plants from seeds just as we do today.

In the tradition of the John C. Campbell Folk School, four miles down the road, where we serve as instructors and for whom we often house those graduating from internships and work study programs, Lane's End Homestead sells premium, hand-crafted herbs and teaches advanced "know-how" through hands-on experience with healing plants.  When you live here or take into your body our medicinal roots, you are joining the circle of those the world over who are pulling flowers from the stems with their hands and drying them in the sun so that someone, somewhere might have these gifts from our global garden and be healed.

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